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Rebecca Fox

Rebecca Fox

Chief Executive Officer, Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation

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Project overview

A Narrabri Special Activation Precinct will be investigated in the New England & North West region.

Investigations are underway for a potential Narrabri Special Activation Precinct, which would leverage opportunities brought about by the Narrabri Gas Project, to attract investment and create new jobs.

For a potential Narrabri precinct this means energy-intensive industries and manufacturers, such as aluminium and metal smelters and construction material producers, could confidently set-up in Narrabri, have access to commercial quantities of domestic gas, and create new jobs for the region. 

Special Activation Precincts will create jobs, attract businesses and investors, and fuel economic development in regional NSW to ensure regions are well placed to grow and meet future economic needs.

All Special Activation Precincts are being delivered as part of the A$4.2 billion Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund.

Competitive advantages

A Narrabri precinct would be a thriving energy hub that will target industries including: 

  • Value-added production
  • Manufacturing
  • Freight and logistics.

It will also leverage key infrastructure such as the Inland Rail to give investors access to global supply chains and markets.

The NSW Government will work closely with the local council on its investigations which include technical studies and master planning to define the scope of the precinct including size and exact location. 

Benefits offered by a Special Activation Precinct include streamlined planning, government-led developments and a business concierge service which will combine to make it easier for new businesses to set up and existing organisations to thrive in the region.

Project timeline

  • Community members and landowners will have an opportunity to contribute and provide feedback to help shape the vision for this exciting potential project.
  • For further information, visit Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation.

Incentives and support

  • Financial incentives are available through the Regional Job Creation Fund
  • Relocation grants of up to A$10,000 per worker are available to help attract skilled employees from metropolitan areas
  • Business concierge service to assist with development planning and approvals
  • Government-funded infrastructure

Expressions of interest

To discuss the Narrabri Special Activation Precinct in more detail, please contact Rebecca Fox below.

Please note that this website is made available to showcase investment opportunities in Regional NSW. Do not rely on the information on this website to make an investment decision. These projects are subject to final government decisions to invest.

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Rebecca Fox

Chief Executive Officer, Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation
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