Birdsnest founder, Jane Cay has been named as the number one online retailer in a recent Top 50 People in eCommerce report.

As an early adopter of ecommerce, Cay has transformed her womenswear brand from a small bricks and mortar operation in Cooma in the South East and Tablelands region to an ecommerce powerhouse with more than 140 employees.

Birdsnest is now turning over A$20 million each year, with 94% of total sales coming from ecommerce.

“It's great fun, it's all about the people and any industry is made up of little humans running around doing the best they can with the small amount of time they’re given,” Cay said.

Judge Heather McIlvaine said "Jane is a force to be reckoned with. Over the past ten years, she has built Birdsnest into a leading online destination for women’s clothing, while delivering some of the best rated customer service in the industry. With her tireless work ethic, endless creativity and commitment to making a positive impact on those around her, Jane has deservedly earned the respect and admiration of her peers.” 

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