Moving from London to Broken Hill in the far west of NSW has been a dream come true for Claire Haynes and her family.

Moving from London to Broken Hill in the far west of NSW has been a dream come true for Claire Haynes and her family.

Claire opened her shop, The Tiny Cactus which sells handmade silver jewellery, clothing and a variety of homewares, in Broken Hill thanks to the Renew the Far West NSW project. 

The initiative encourages artists, cultural projects, retail outlets, start-ups and community groups to use empty buildings for free, until the property becomes commercially viable or is redeveloped. 

Michael Williams, Director Regional Development for far west NSW said, “Up and coming businesses or start-ups are given a 30 day rotating contract that can be renewed up to 12 months. Six premises have already been filled and 10 jobs have been created in the community.”  

Other Broken Hill businesses who have taken advantage of the project include Pennie Hall Photography and The Little Bloom Studio.

Claire said, “I fell in love with Broken Hill. It was like taking a step back in time, in a good way. Old with new thinking, like a clash of the two worlds.

“If you spend more time here you see the magic it holds and the people are wonderful, it’s such a community orientated town.”

Claire remembers a time where she became ill, and was overwhelmed by the offers of help and people bringing her food. “I feel that this is something uniquely Broken Hill.”

Due to the affordable housing in Broken Hill, the average cost of a 3 bedroom house is $123,000*, Claire and her husband Tim were able to buy a home and make it their own.

“We now have a home that has character and history, I couldn’t have ever dreamt of owning anything like this house in other places that we have lived. In a family situation like ours, with young kids, it’s an opportunity to provide yourself and your kids a lifestyle you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

The Far West Proud website was launched in April 2018 and there’s a profile of the Haynes family detailing their unique story. The compelling and emotive site has already received 70,000 hits and it targets investors, tourists and people relocating to Broken Hill, Ivanhoe, Menindee, Silverton, Tibooburra, White Cliffs and Wilcannia.

Whether investors are looking to expand, relocate or establish a new business in the far west, some of the competitive advantages of the region include:

Highly skilled and existing workforces in mining, agriculture, manufacturing, horticulture, health, education and retail

Excellent transport and freight access to markets, including access to the transcontinental railway and ports in Adelaide 

Ideal climatic conditions for the early harvest of produce including stone and citrus fruits, olives, herbs, native bush foods and a large variety of flowers suitable for the floriculture industry

Availability of affordable of commercial and industrial land for potential start-up companies and existing companies looking to expand or relocate 

Access to renewable energy from major solar farming infrastructure located in the region, including the Silverton wind farm that will soon be completed

• Mineral wealth and new mineral deposits are being discovered 

Unique and popular tourist attractions including iconic national parks, historical mining sites and the true Australian outback draw thousands of tourists each year

The far west has an advanced business network that fosters growth and prosperity in the region. More information can be found at the links below:

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Regional Development Australia Far West 

Renew Far West NSW

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Central Darling Shire Council

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* Real, medium property price for Broken Hill house