Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal is set to become a stakeholder in regional NSW-based aquaculture enterprise Murray Cod Australia.

Murray Cod Australia, located in the Riverina region of NSW,  recently announced a company associated with Heston and his Fat Duck group will become a shareholder through the issue of 1.5 million fully paid ordinary shares. The Michelin-starred chef will not only become a stakeholder in the company, but he will also become their key advocate in a five-year agreement for Murray Cod's pond-grown Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod. 

Murray Cod chairman Ross Anderson said Mr Blumenthal's involvement would further their product as a luxury food brand.

"Heston's imaginative and inventive ideas will extend to menu and product development and will mesh perfectly with the innovative ethos of the team at MCA," Mr Anderson said.

In a release, Mr Blumenthal said he was delighted to be on board.

"The innovative way they have created a luxury fish product by combining natural processes evolved over millions of years with cutting edge technology aligns with the way I approach food and cooking, resulting in fantastic quality," Mr Blumenthal said.