There are six Country Universities Centres operating in regional NSW.

Last week, three new Country Universities Centres (CUC) opened their doors. Taking the total number of CUCs currently open and operating in regional NSW to six.

These centres allow students living in regional NSW to have access to a university degree without having to leave their hometown.

The CUC initiative builds on the success of the Snowy Monaro model in Cooma and:

  • allows students in rural and regional NSW to pursue higher education while remaining in their own regional communities,
  • provides students with campus-like facilities, tutorial, mentoring and peer support, state-of-the-art technologies and high bandwidth to support their distance education,
  • enables group learning,
  • helps reduce the loss of talent from country to city areas, and
  • assists industry and employers with access to a local, skilled and qualified workforce.

To date, the CUCs in Cooma, Broken Hill and Goulburn have supported over 695 students to access higher education from 35 Australian universities, creating a skilled and qualified workforce for businesses to tap into.

The NSW Government has invested $8 million in five County Universities Centres, including $1.3 million for the North West, with a further $8 million committed for an additional five centres in regional NSW.