Major waste infrastructure investment is one step closer for the North Coast region.

The outcomes of the North Coast Region Waste Investment Review will help councils make informed decisions on developing infrastructure which diverts residual waste from landfill while still prioritising recycling and recovery rates.   
Led by Richmond Valley Council and conducted by Arcadis, the review is a collaboration between the Department of Regional NSW and the 13 councils in the North Coast region of NSW that are working together to consider options to develop regional responses to collective waste challenges.   
Significant changes in the waste industry have been a catalyst for local government to investigate new opportunities and technologies, with a shared commitment to reducing waste to landfill and improving reuse and recovery.   
The report represents a vital tool for local government and potential investors to make informed investment decisions when considering waste infrastructure investment. It also highlights both the challenges and opportunities for collaboration on a regional scale for waste infrastructure projects.    
The detailed Stocktake and Options Analysis conducted by Arcadis will provide the platform to attract investment in regional facilities, as well as support development of local circular economy opportunities in recovered materials from the supply chain through to end markets.  
Major infrastructure investment in the waste industry is now one step closer for the North Coast, a region known for strong leadership and collaboration in industries of renewable energy and innovative approaches to waste management. 

the North Coast Region Waste Investment Review and North Coast Region Waste Investment Review - Stocktake.