A focus on year-round tourism, improving regional transport connectivity and supporting Jindabyne’s growth as a winter Olympics training base to be considered.

Deputy Premier and Member for Monaro John Barilaro joined the community in Jindabyne today to announce the much bigger and bolder vision, created as part of consultation of the Go Jindabyne master plan.

Mr Barilaro said the opportunities are endless when it comes to the potential of Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains.

“Go Jindabyne highlighted the need to extend our thinking beyond the town centre and look at the wider region. This is a huge opportunity,” Mr Barilaro said.

“I want us to be bold in our planning and make this region an unmissable destination to visit and re-visit for generations to come.”

The Go Jindabyne master plan will be combined with the Special Activation Precinct, to ensure an all-encompassing scope of the region.

A Special Activation Precinct is a designated area in regional NSW that brings together fast-tracked planning and infrastructure investment to attract and grow business, stimulate the regional economy and provide more employment opportunities.

Each Special Activation Precinct is chosen for its unique regional offering, services and competitive advantage.

Two Special Activation Precincts have already been announced in Parkes and Wagga Wagga, with public exhibition of the Parkes draft master plan having just finished, and technical studies for the Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct currently underway.

Before an area becomes a Special Activation Precinct, technical studies and business cases are completed to understand community needs and ensure value for money.

Mr Barilaro said the investigation is possible thanks to the Snowy Hydro Legacy Fund.

“This ambitious plan will make it easier for new and existing businesses to set up and thrive, ensuring there is the right infrastructure to improve connectivity to and from the Snowy Mountains, and ensure this incredible alpine location can compete with the best.”

The investigation into the proposed Snowy Mountains Special Activation Precinct will build on existing work already done as part of Go Jindabyne planning, and will focus on opportunities in Jindabyne’s town centre, as well as high visitation areas in Kosciusko National Park.

Planners will work closely with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to protect Kosciuszko National Park’s natural beauty and ensure measures are in place to maintain the park over the long-term.

The master plan will establish clear boundaries for the Special Activation Precinct, following the same approach taken by the Government for the Special Activation Precincts in Parkes and Wagga Wagga.

“This is a big opportunity – we want to make sure we get it right and create a successful and liveable region that will cater for all people who want to enjoy everything the Snowy Mountains has to offer,” Mr. Barilaro said.

“We know the region is already going through some changes with projects such as Snowy 2.0 and our recent $5.1 million commitment to build a new National Snow sports Training Centre in Jindabyne,” Mr Barilaro said.

“We will continue to work closely with Council, the community and relevant Government departments so we can plan for everything from infrastructure to accommodation; better connectivity to and within the region; and social needs such as child care, hospitals and schools.

“These were all raised during our community consultation for Go Jindabyne, and pushed us to think more broadly about the opportunities available.

“Thank you to the local community for all of the insights so far, and please keep them coming – we are on this journey together.”

Mr Barilaro said work to investigate a Snowy Mountains SAP will also look at opportunities to improve regional linkages to other tourism destinations including Eden.

“Eden is a natural gateway to the Snowy Mountains from the South Coast and the expansion of the cruise terminal at the Port of Eden will allow us to capture more visitors to our alpine areas year round,” he said. 

Consultation with stakeholders and the community will resume shortly. Insights and feedback received from locals about the Go Jindabyne master plan will feed directly into the broader Special Activation Precinct investigation.