CHS Broadbent operates modern grain receival facilities from Moree in northern NSW.

CHS Broadbent has a long history in ownership and operation of grain storage, handling, packing and logistics assets throughout Australia. They are widely recognised as a market leader by grain producers, marketers and customers.

The CHS Broadbent receival site in Moree is a registered logistics and export facility based in the heart of Northern NSW, promoted as Australia’s largest agricultural growing area. It is ideally located on the Gwydir Highway linking to several key transport routes including the Newell and Carnarvon Highways, and is capable of servicing large-scale truck freighting such as AB-Triple Road Trains.

Along with a significant CHS Broadbent investment, they were awarded NSW funding in 2016 to reinstate a section of railway line between Moree to Inverell, linking the Moree receival site with the main rail line servicing Moree.  The investment has enhanced rail infrastructure and connectivity on the NSW regional rail network, and future Inland Rail complementing road investments to build an efficient freight transport network in Regional NSW. These investments will reduce supply chain costs for the region, increasing competitiveness and improving efficiency of the area’s transport logistic system.

CHS Broadbent is a fully integrated supply chain business with full access to export and domestic markets offering a range of services for grain growers, marketers and customers to maximise returns.