International hi-tech IT company sets-up in Jamberoo

FinoComp was born four years ago when Ray Tubman decided he wanted to keep living and working in Jamberoo and realised its great lifestyle would provide something different and attractive when targeting and enticing the best of the best. 

From the small township of Jamberoo on the South Coast of NSW, Mr Tubman and his Co-founder Peter Nicholson established a successful startup that services six major clients in the United Kingdom. FinoComp has been nominated in WealthTech's 100 list for the world's most innovative WealthTech companies. 

Part of the tech company’s growing success is due to the pool of skilled workers available since setting up in Jamberoo.  FinoComp's 35 strong Illawarra workforce are all local people and mostly graduates and alumni from the University of Wollongong. Several members of the team are from the Jamberoo and Kiama area.

As FinoComp continues to succeed and reach goals, Mr Tubman and Mr Nicholson predict dramatic growth in the next year is likely to result in the addition of 20 to 25 more staff. 

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