Flavourtech savours success in the Riverina

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Starting from its base in Regional NSW, Flavourtech is now exporting its products to more than 60 countries.

Flavourtech is a manufacturer of innovative food-processing equipment and technology based in Griffith in NSW’s Riverina-Murray region. In 1987, the company began selling technology to help winemakers remove sulphur from their grape juice.

The company chose to build in Griffith, which offered Flavourtech access to the largest grape-growing industry in Australia, as well as a workforce skilled in food manufacturing.

Griffith’s local government is strongly focused on industry, with Griffith City Council helping potential investors and providing resources for local businesses.

Efficient freight to the major markets of Melbourne and Sydney - by train and road respectively - also makes Griffith an excellent  viable location for investment.

Now, 33 years later, Flavourtech provides cutting-edge technology to companies across the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. It specialises in the production of aroma, concentrates and extracts achieved through its spinning-cone technologies.

Based in Griffith, exporting to the world

Flavourtech’s clients include multinational companies seeking unique flavour profiles to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

The company employs 60 people at its base in Griffith and has established pilot plant sites in the UK and USA. It now exports 90% of its products to over 60 countries.

In 2018, Flavourtech won the manufacturing category of the Australian Export Awards, as well as the NSW Premier’s Export Award.

General Manager, Leon Skaliotis is certain that Flavourtech only achieved international success after establishing its reputation and its brand at home.

“Investing in Regional NSW was a great decision as it allowed us initial access to customers in our target industry domestically. This allowed us to cement our position at home before taking our business and achieving success overseas. Having a strong reference centre was important for our overseas customers that could then come and view local operations.”