Freightlinx began operations on the Central Coast in 2005, growing to an annual turnover of A$9 million.

Freightlinx is a perfect example of a business benefitting from proximity of the Central Coast to Sydney, with a large trucking operation moving shipping containers from the ports of Sydney. "We have very easy access to the M1 freeway - this is crucial for our business. We have easy access to the Sydney ports and to customers up and down the east coast,” says Adam Hale, Managing Director.

Like many other businesses, Freightlinx is excited about the continued roll-out of the National Broadband Network on the Central Coast. “I know a lot of businesses, if not all, depend on the internet. For us, it’s crucial. Each and every day, slots are allocated to freight companies to pick up orders from the wharves in Sydney. All these can be assigned within a 15 second window. So having fast, reliable internet is essential for our continued growth.”

“It’s the best of both worlds, having an office that’s not far from Sydney, lower cost of housing than Sydney and that great chance for work-life balance”. For businesses considering establishing or moving to the Central Coast, Adam advises “to borrow a cliché - just do it. The costs will recoup themselves in no time at all, and you’ll find that your employees will be happier thanks to lower costs and greater facilities available on the Central Coast. The relaxed lifestyle makes for happy employees and the flow-on is a great working environment. What boss wouldn’t be enthusiastic about that?"