Hyne Timber is one of the largest manufacturers of Australian grown plantation softwood in Australia.

The mill in Tumbarumba, in the NSW Riverina Murray region, is the largest softwood processing plant in Australia, employing approximately 200 people directly. To give an idea of scale, if you were to lay out a day’s production of structural framing products, it would stretch from the Mill to Melbourne.

With approximately 200 trucks per day on site, a large contractor database, high volumes of export product and by-product customers, the Mill is integral to significant supply chain employment for the regional NSW economy with a recent study determining for every job in the timber industry, a further 2.8 are generated.

By way of example, Hyne Timber prides itself on closed loop sustainability. All the trees which provide the feedstock are locally sourced from sustainably grown and certified, plantation pine. The bark is processed into potting mix which is used for the next round of seedlings. The sawdust which results from the manufacturing process is used to fuel the heat plants to dry the timber for structural strength. Excess sawdust is sold to the Visy Paper and Pulp manufacturing plant in neighbouring Tumut, another source of regional employment which relies on this feedstock availability. 

As a privately-owned company, ‘supporting the communities in which we operate’ is a mantra determined by the Board of Directors (including three Hyne family members). Throughout 2019, Hyne Timber has donated to eleven local causes including the Tumbarumba Show, Tumbarumba schools, Rosewood Stockman’s Challenge, Tumbafest and the Tumbarumba Men’s Shed.

In addition, the Hyne Community Trust facilitates grants valued over $10,000 which can be applied for during June every year. Hyne Timber awarded Cycle Tumbarumba $50,000 to kickstart the fundraising commitments to develop the new PUMP bike track in the town centre to help occupy youths, keeping them fit and healthy with highly visible, active engagement.

To find out more about Hyne Timber products, the company or career opportunities, visit www.hyne.com.au.

Image: Judy Kelso, Despatch Officer at Hyne Timber, Tumbarumba