Iluka is a major Australian international mineral sands resource company located at Balranald.

With operations in Australia and Sierra Leone and a globally integrated marketing network, Iluka is involved in the exploration, project development, operations and marketing of mineral sands products. The company is the world’s largest producer of zircon and rutile, and is also a major producer of synthetic rutile (upgraded ilmenite).

Iluka’s Balranald development in the Murray Basin centres on two rutile-rich mineral sands deposits in Balranald and Nepean. The project has the potential for substantial rutile, zircon and associated ilmenite production.

In 2016, Iluka made a significant investment in trialling an innovative mineral sands mining technique at Balranald. The key potential benefits of this alternative, underground mining method are expected to include a lower capital-intensive development approach, phased production expansion and lower environmental impacts. Work continued in 2017 and a decision was made in 2019 to progress with a third and final field trial to demonstrate the technology works in a continuous mining and processing environment. The trial is planned to be completed in 2020.