LowesTC is an agri-science business propagating high health clonal plants (of new and existing plant varieties) for both domestic and international markets.

Situated on the NSW Central Coast for over 20 years, LowesTC now sells over 3.5 million Tissue Cultured plants every year.

LowesTC has a team of Plant Scientists who are dedicated to developing new plant varieties for landscaping, food production and home gardening. LowesTC's high health schemes involve meticulous hygiene practices and audited movement documentation.

Central Coast transportation companies and its transport infrastructure ensure that LowesTC can successfully transport plants to both its international and domestic customer bases.

The business will continue to run from the Central Coast as we are conveniently located 1.5 hours from Sydney and have a local skilled workforce.

Being situated in Tumbi Umbi has provided an affordable business location as well as a comfortable lifestyle choice.