Milspec Manufacturing develop and manufacture defence and industry products in Albury.

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Milspec Manufacturing has been developing and manufacturing defence and industry products for over 40 years.

Today, Milspec works closely with most defence prime contractors, designing and manufacturing subsystems for complex defence programs as well as infrastructure projects. It is a recognised global player in the fields of alternators, portable power and subsystems.  

Milspec’s clients include Rheinmetall MAN, BAE Systems, Thales, Boeing, Thomas Global Systems and Siemens. Milspec’s own products include military standard alternators, exportable power systems, auxiliary power units, power distribution units and cabling systems.

Milspec renovated and expanded its Albury facilities in 2016, introducing a new robotic welding cell, a larger clean room for electrical/electronic work, and an upgraded security system for sensitive military work. A significant growth in workforce was also an element of the expansion.