A niche business manufacturing gourmet cookies in the alpine area of the Snowy Mountains.

Snowy Mountains Cookies was founded by Nolen and Daisy Oayda after identifying a gap in the Australian market for quality tasty cookies. It has grown to manufacture and distribute gourmet cookies to airlines and cafes throughout Australia.

Baked in Australia's highest bakehouse at 1020m above sea level in Jindabyne in the South East and Tablelands region, the brand name relays a strong image of its clean, fresh all-natural environment that not only encompasses the location in which the cookies are baked but is a true reflection of the all-natural ingredients.

Cookies are made without artificial colours, flavours, additives and preservatives. They contain free-range eggs and unsalted butter instead of margarine to 'keep it natural by keeping it simple'.

The range of cookies continually evolves with new taste and product ranges being developed with savoury snacks now introduced to the market.

Snowy Mountains Cookies takes pride in the quality ingredients used, its end product and providing exceptional client service. It takes responsibility to minimise its impact on the environment and is committed to sustainable business practices.