Stahmann Farms operates a 700 hectare tree nut plantation at Trawalla near Moree in northern NSW.

It now has over 90,000 mature and highly productive trees, with crop yields typically exceeding those of North American growing locations, enjoying excellent growing conditions particularly suited to pecan trees.

The world tree nut trade is currently worth around US$30 billion with online sales alone in China topping A$1 billion in 2017, a figure which is close to the equivalent of all Australian tree nut production. 

Stahmann Farms exports predominately to Europe and Asia. It has been exporting to China since 1989 via bulk distribution channels, but now supplies raw tree nut products (pecans, walnuts, almonds, macadamia and pine nuts) through its eCommerce store directly to the Chinese market.

The company was a successful applicant under the Murray Darling Basin Regional Economic Diversification Program for their expansion plans to add another 22,000 trees to its plantation.

Stahmann Farms has also pioneered insecticide-free farming methods and uses advanced biological pest control technologies, meaning that it is essentially pesticide free.

Moree Tourism operates tours of the Stahmann Farms plantations and sites.