Costa Group is Australia’s leading grower of premium quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

In 2005, the Costa Group invested in a 20 hectare glasshouse facility located at Guyra and began production of truss tomatoes. This provides employment for more than 300 people.

In July 2015, a further 10 hectare glasshouse at Guyra was developed by Costa creating an additional 222 jobs producing snacking tomatoes.

Now with 30 hectares of glasshouses and employing over 500 people, the Costa Group will produce 16 million kilograms of tomatoes per annum from the Guyra locations.

This represents around 56 per cent of the gross value of tomatoes produced in NSW.

The company has the potential to further expand by 10 hectares of which the earthworks and infrastructure were included in their 2015-16 expansion.

The attraction of the region for glasshouse horticulture has been, in part, as a function of maximum daylight (sunshine) hours, low maximum summer temperatures, location on major highway half way between Sydney and Brisbane, access to services and water security.