The White Rock Wind and Solar Farm, operating near Glen Innes.

Goldwind Australia, and China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, operate the White Rock Wind Farm near Glen Innes. Seventy Goldwind turbines were built in the first stage of the project along with the related civil and electrical infrastructure. 

At 2.5 megawatts per turbine, the first 70 turbines will generate 175 megawatts, enough to power the equivalent of approximately 105,000 NSW homes each year.

Planning is underway for the second stage of the project.

The first stage employed up to 300 jobs during construction and injected an estimated A$30-A$40 million into the local economy. Ongoing employment during the operational stage is around 10-15 local jobs. 

An annual community fund, intended to financially support initiatives and projects that enrich and enhance the local community, was established when the project started operating. To date, over A$350,000 of funding has been awarded.

The co-located 20 megawatt solar farm represents an additional A$41.4 million investment. By sharing infrastructure with the wind farm, the solar farm has unlocked co-location savings of approximately A$5 million.

Wind farms drive investment and growth in regional parts of NSW and offer traditional farming communities income streams that are not rainfall dependent. Wind energy diversifies the energy mix and is supported under the NSW government's cornerstone renewable energy policy, the Renewable Energy Action Plan.

Other wind farm projects in the immediate locality of the White Rock Wind Farm include:

  • Sapphire Wind Farm (CWP Renewables) - comprising 75 turbines of 3.6 megawatts each - which will deliver 270 megawatts of generation to power 115,000 homes, and
  • Glen Innes Wind Farm - comprising 25 turbines of 3.6 megawatts each - which will deliver 90 megawatts of generation to power 51,710 homes.